Ghostdudes, Sam Simon, Terry Pratchett, Mental Illness in Pop. Media, Fan Fiction, Metaphors in HP: The Popular Table – 15/03/15

15th March 2015

Hello, and welcome to another edition of The Popular Table.

In part I, our super media analysts (Ibtisam, Mike, Felix, and David) look at the first live-action Star Wars spin-off, discuss the new Ghostdudes movie (bro), critique DC’s new costumes, and remember Sam Simon and Terry Pratchett.

In part II, the gang look at representations of mental illness in popular media, before looking at the culture of fan-fiction and asking if it can be perceived as art.

In part III, in Ibi’s Corner, we look at metaphors for racism in the Harry Potter series.

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Clips used in this show are from Star Wars, Saturday Night Live, the Inside Out trailer, the Graham Norton Show, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Special thanks to Mike for producing this week.