Breaking: Changes to Week One

18th March 2015

Your SU is changing Week One

Your University of Nottingham Students Union has announced a number of changes as to how Week One is going to work, beginning next September. Student’s Union President, Harry Copson released a blog post this evening, detailing the changes and why they were being made.

The changes will include the implementation of Welcome Mentors, who will be appointed by the SU, and will be responsible for promoting Week One events, signposting any students who are suffering from emotional distress and getting to know the group of students to whom they are allocated.

The removal of Week One reps in favour of appointed Welcome Mentors moves towards a selective, rather than elective process. The Union and a student-led panel will be those deciding each of the reps, with a minimum of 6 mentors per hall and the possibility of up to twenty in the larger halls. Each mentor is going to be responsible to a Lead Mentor, who will ensure that each person involved is meeting their responsibilities.

The Welcome Mentors will not be the only students leading the Week One programme, as the SU is establishing a new coordinating Committee to run the Week One programme. The Committee will be made up of 9 positions, who will be recruited rather than elected, including positions such as 2 Night-Time coordinators, a Day-Time coordinator and an Inclusivity coordinator.

From 5pm tonight, students will be able to apply to be a part of either the coordinating committee roles or as a part of the Welcome Mentor team, with more details on the positions – including the leadership role, the ‘Arrival & Welcome coordinator’ – available on the Student’s Union website.

Your Students Union Activities Officer, Joe Caunce, explained the changes:

The Union has made it clear that they are not only aiming to change the representative structure, but also the range of events which are covered. In the past, Week One has been characterised by the night time events, however they are now aiming for increased daytime and early evening events.

As a part of this review, the SU are considering the future of Finale Night, following a drop in sales tickets in recent years. It is unknown in what capacity the Finale Night will be held next year, with more research to be done. Joe Caunce told URN that these changes dealt mainly with Student Leadership, with more information on the structure of Week One to be released following Easter.

Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer Chloe Averill explained what the SU was hoping to achieve by moving the events from their evening-centric focus:

The Students Union have been consulting students throughout the year, including through the distribution of a survey, to find out how they would like to see Week One changed.

One person who has been involved in the process is Angharad Smith, next year’s Students Union President, who promised in her manifesto expand Week One to a ‘Welcome Fortnight’. Joe Caunce told URN that it is ‘essential’ that those Officers joining in September review the programme, noting that it is flexible for future use, with the aim being make it more accesible to students.

Having considered a two-week programme this year, Joe says they made sure they kept in touch with what students wanted from Week One throughout the year:

Harry Copson made it clear in his blog post that he is keen for students who have not been previously involved with the Week One process to apply for the Welcome Mentor and Co-ordinating Committee roles.

Chloe Averill says the Students Union are keen for lots of new students to be involved with the Week One process, which you can find out more about on their website:

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