Lady Thor, Mallrats 2, Criticism, Age-Appropriateness of Cosplay, and Humans as Property in NLMG: The Popular Table – 22/03/2015

22nd March 2015

Hello, and welcome to URN’s top pop culture blogcast.

In part 1 of today’s show, David, Mike, and Ibi look at the week in pop culture news, from Lady Thor outselling Dude Thor to Kevin Smith’s upcoming film, ‘Mallrats 2’. There’s also a bit about the new ‘Ultron’ TV spot. Exciting!

In part 2, we look at criticism and discuss how it can veer into something offensive, before discussing the age appropriateness of certain kinds of cosplay.

And in our final segment, which happens to be this week’s Ibi’s Corner, we discuss how humans are used as property in Never Let Me Go.

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Clips used in this show are from the new Age of Ultron TV spot, Conan, X-Factor New Zealand, and a YouTube video interviewing kids in cosplay at SDCC (

Special thanks to Mike for producing this week.