URN Sport Special: Drinks and Disciplinaries

26th March 2015

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Earlier this year, members of the men’s football club were banned from this year’s Varsity fixture for holding an “initiation-style event”.

In a URN Sport Special, we told the story of the club’s Varsity ban. In addition to hearing the thoughts of the student community, a URN Sport panel also debated the Students’ Union’s decision.

URN questioned UoNSU Sports Officer Kiri Madhani about the disciplinary action, as well as the wider problem of initiations in university sports clubs. We also spoke to incoming Sports Officer James Bramley about his proposals to further tackle initiations, which are banned by the Students’ Union, next year.

You can listen to the programme below.

URN Sport: Drinks and Disciplinaries

In the first part of the programme Sam, Hannah and Patrick explained what had happened to the men’s football club this year, and heard statements from both NUFC and the Students’ Union regarding the matter. URN also went out and about on campus to gather students’ opinions on the Varsity ban decision.

Part 2 included a URN Sport panel debate on the Varsity ban, the results of a survey of over 100 students about initiations, and an interview with SU Sports Officer Kiri Madhani about whether the Students’ Union’s disciplinary action struck the right balance, and whether the Union has done enough to tackle initiations.

In the final part of the programme, Sam, Hannah and Patrick discussed what is currently being done to tackle initiations, the further actions that are being proposed, and heard from next year’s Sports Officer James Bramley on what more can be done.

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Your Views

We received lots of your views via webtext and on Twitter, some of which you can see here:

I completely agree with Kiri in that the IMS team will be well looked after. I’ve heard on the grapevine that their training is going well, and that people should not be disheartened by the fact that the IMS players are representing their university.

One thing I would say in defence of initiation style events is that no matter what happens, team bonding is a massive part of it, and thereafter members feel a lot more part of the club than they previously did

I strongly disagree with Sam – people can always just refuse to do the initiations if they don’t want to do them – they’re not going to be kicked out of the club for not doing it if they’re a good enough player

If you think the football club are part of ‘lad culture’ you are very very very wrong. I am in it and the boys are an absolutely lovely bunch of lad and the initiation this year was timid compared to some of things i have heard going on in others.

Is it a surprise that the uni have difficult relationships with all the nation’s popular sports at the uni, Football, rugby, hockey. They are completely underfunded and they promote barely any of their activities. They are so obsessed with promoting the less popular, not less important, but less popular sports that they fail to represent the bigger clubs. They just pass us off as elitist because they barely even know us and how we work.

Everybody on this show needs to get a grip. I’m a fresher and I know lots of the football lads who said that their houses social was one of the best nights of the year. The real problem is the SU and their hunger for power, not the sports clubs.

URN’s Initiation Survey Results

Have you personally attended an initiation-style event?

How prevalent do you feel initiation-style events are among the University of Nottingham’s sports clubs?

How successful do you think the Students’ Union attempts to crack down on initiations have been?

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