Varsity Dodgeball Preview

21st April 2015

Venue: Clifton Campus
Date: Tuesday 28th April (17:00)

Dodgeball pre-match interview:

First thing’s first. Let’s get it out of the way. The film Dodgeball is awesome. There are many memorable quotes from it. “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball” is a personal favourite.

There will be no “Average Joe’s” in this fixture though. Nottingham Trent’s Aran Tansley represents England U21s. For the University of Nottingham, Emily Walker is also an England player and won two gold medals at the Euros last summer. Lining up alongside her will be Frankie Bell, the Republic of Ireland women’s captain.

In this Varsity sport the standard will be high. The University of Nottingham have done well and so have their rivals, albeit a division below UoN – who operate in Division 1 but would be capable of competing in the Premier League according to club President Lawrence Seatree. The teams also know each other having trained together previously.

The games between the two teams have also been close in previous years. 2015 is the first time Dodgeball is on the Varsity calendar, but unofficial matches in the past have been close.

It makes for an exciting event on Clifton Campus on what will be a huge evening for the series as a whole – with four points up for grabs across three sports.

Who will be ready for the hurricane? Who will go cryin’ to their mommy? Who will get pecker-slapped? Who will go down like a sweet muffin? We won’t know for sure until the balls start flying. I just wanted to get those references in.