Varsity Volleyball Preview

23rd April 2015

Venue: Clifton Campus
Date: Thursday 30th April 2015 (19:30)

Volleyball men’s and women’s pre-match interview:

“Even if they [Trent] get the biggest crowd in the world, they still will lose.” That’s what the UoN men’s team captain Jakub Wójcik told URN in an interview with the station to preview the Volelyball Varsity fixture.

His confidence is hard to match, although women’s captain Gina wasn’t far off.

Volleyball is one of the new sports to the Varsity calendar, and could be an addition that works in the University of Nottingham’s favour.

The women’s team finished 3rd in Midlands 1A this season with 5 wins and 5 defeats. It was the same league standing as Trent’s ladies, but was achieved one division higher.

Similarly, the men’s team have competed a level higher than their Trent opponents this year. Whereas NTU finished 2nd in Midlands 2A, UoN won Midlands 1A – losing only 1 of their 10 matches all season.

It seems that our two captains’ confidence isn’t misplaced. This should be a successful pair of matches for the University of Nottingham, although the men’s team will have to ensure they’re not affected by a game even bigger than Varsity the day before, when they take on Glasgow in the play-offs with a place in the Premier North division at stake.