#GE2015: Who will you vote for?

24th April 2015

Who will you vote for?

On May 7th, those of you who have registered will have an opportunity to express your voice on who should form the next Government. Whether you are voting in Nottingham or at home, the campaigning period has been fierce with each of the party’s trying to win over your vote.

The amount of information can be intimidating at best, so here at URN we’ve put together a guide to what each of the parties stands for and who they have nominated to be Nottingham South’s next MP.

The Labour Party have promised to raise the minimum wage to £8

The current MP for Nottingham South is Lillian Greenwood, of the Labour Party. The Labour Party have campaigned on a platform focused on the economy. Sam takes you through everything the Ed Milliband’s party are standing for in this election:

The Conservatives want to increase NHS funding

The Conservatives are the majority partner in the coalition that was formed following the 2010 election, and have selected Nottingham South as a key target seat. Nominating borough councillor, Jane Hunt, as their candidate the party have also promised to increase NHS funding by £8 billion. Jess explains what the Conservatives would introduce if elected to office:

The Liberal Democrats want a

The Liberal Democrats, led by Nick Clegg, were the Conservatives coalition partner during the last Parliament. Having claimed to have given their partners a ‘heart’, the party are seeking office again on a platform of a ‘stronger economy, fairer society’. James runs you through what Debroah Newton-Cook would be standing for as a Liberal Democrat MP for Nottingham South:


Having seen a surge in popularity since 2010, the United Kingdom Independence Party are set to pose a threat to all the established parties in this election. Nigel Farage’s party, who are standing on an Anti-EU platform, have nominated Army Veteran, David Hollas, as their candidate for Nottingham South. Calum explains the rest of the parties policies:

The Green Party currently have 1 MP

The Green Party have nominated Adam McGregor as their candidate to be Nottingham South’s next MP. Their leader, Natalie Bennett, has made it clear that the party stands not only for environmental concerns, but also to create a society which caters to everyone’s needs. Patrick runs through what it is the Green Party MP’s would campaign for:

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