Varsity Cricket Preview

27th April 2015

Venue: Clifton Campus
Date: Friday 5th June 2015 (13:00)

Cricket pre-match interview:

Cricket is the final sport of this year’s Varsity series.

It’s a fact that can only remind you of last year, for which cricket was the last event too. The Varsity series was level at 7-7 heading into the fixture, meaning that it would determine the outcome of the whole series. In a turn of events that you literally could and probably would script, that series outcome ended up going down to the final ball. Fortunately, the University of Nottingham prevented Trent from scoring a boundary on that ball, and thus UoN took the 2014 series 8-7, as well as a 6-4 lead in the all-time series.

The cricket team member Ashley Merritt, who fielded that famous last ball in 2014, doesn’t expect this year’s event to go down to the wire in such dramatic fashion.

“I honestly don’t think it will be as close,” he told URN.

“I’ve only played against Trent twice, and the two times I’ve played against them we’ve won and we haven’t had major problems.

“In Varsity last year we didn’t play well at all.

“I think this year with the talent we’ve managed to develop in our squad, with a couple of the incoming players, I honestly would back us to beat them.”

Cricket is a rather unique sport on the Varsity series in that the season didn’t begin until after Easter, although both teams have of course been training.

And the UoN cricket club say they’re in the right place. Make sure you are by getting down to Clifton Campus on Friday 5th June for the finale of Varsity 2015.