Varsity Swimming Preview

27th April 2015

Venue: UoN Pool
Date: Wednesday 6th May 2015 (12:00)

Swimming pre-Varsity interview:

“You have home advantage,” I put to Will and Charlotte from the University of Nottingham swimming club.

“We always have home advantage. Trent don’t have a pool,” Will replied.

It’s a fair point.

It also explains UoN’s phenomenal record in Varsity swimming. It’s very much our university’s equivalent to Trent’s American Football record. Six UoN wins from the six years the sport has been on the Varsity calendar mean that the penultimate event is perhaps a guaranteed point for Nottingham University more than any other.

In last year’s Varsity Uni won 143-77. A big scoreline. It only pales in comparison to the team’s other Varsity wins, such as the 415-255 victory in 2010.

And there is no reason not to expect another convincing performance in the pool from the University of Nottingham’s swimmers.