URN’s AGM 2015 – Manifestos

28th April 2015

With the AGM set for Thursday 7th May in Portland C11, now is your chance to read through the manifestos for all the Candidates running. They will make a 1 minute speech on the night, and after this the floor will be open for questions to the potential candidates. Remember you have to be a PAID member of URN to either run or vote in the URN AGM – you can buy membership on the SU website.

(Please note how this particular vote works: The person with the most votes will be elected Station Editor and the person with the second most will be elected Deputy Station Editor. For this role only, candidates are also invited to run for another Committee position in the event that they do not achieve either Station Editor or Deputy Station Editor)

Hannah Alderton

I came to university knowing that I wanted to get involved with student radio. During my time at URN I have been a Daytime and Speech presenter as well as Playlist Editor. My manifesto points have the overall aim to bring the station together as a team and give members the opportunity to get the best out their time at URN.

Information sessions:
-Monthly meetings where every member of the station is invited to discuss any ideas they would like to put forward.
-Opportunities from the committee to get more involved with other areas of the station (for example with specials) will be announced here.
-Sessions will also give members a chance to get more training, feedback and support with their ideas.
-Meetings are designed to be very relaxed and open.

-Work with Station Sound and Imaging to incorporate URN’s slogan “Your music. Your news. Your student sound” into new idents for across the station.
-RE-work of After Dark Programing in terms of name and show format.

Interstation crossover:
-Many After Dark and Speech shows including The Music Show, Under The Radar and the Playlist team are keen to showcase live music. This could be achieved by bringing these groups together – along with other areas such as drama – for an end of year concert.

Ollie Samuels

URN is fantastic.

As a team, we produce consistently high quality radio every day, as well as top class specials. Personally, this year I have been involved in Daytime, three different Speech shows and After Dark, as well as creating a brand new weekly podcast with URN Sport. To maintain and develop our award winning station, I propose;

– a number of publicity campaigns to ensure that every Nottingham student knows about URN and what we have achieved, not just showcase our URN talent at Freshers. More listeners for you.

– Setting up links with BBC Nottingham and smaller local stations for internships and BA positions to help you get your foot through the door of the radio industry.

More people involved in more specials. Halloween, Pancake Day, Superbowl.

– Lets just say yes. You want to do an OB from the trent toilets? Done. Want to fight the swans by the lake…. rather you than me.

Teaching you how to work all parts of the station. OB, hardware, software. Why not run
classes for whoever wants to learn?

URN is an amazing experience that we have all got involved in. My ambition as station editor would be to ensure that you get the most out of your experience in student radio.

Jess McNamee

Hi! I’d love to be your next Station Editor. Hopefully lots of you see me around already; I’m a Daytime Presenter, Headline Reader and your current Finance and Sales Manager. From my committee position I’ve seen firsthand not only what makes us great, but what I’d improve given the chance…


The replacement of crucial equipment and redistribution of storage to online facilities is necessary to reduce technological problems, and to let pieces of our poor, overworked equipment retire peacefully.


If this is executed, I’ll petition for a prominent, noticeable area of the SU that benefits our visibility (goodbye basement!) and reflects our key role in the Union.


Crowded fifty-people-per-trainer sessions aren’t helpful. We need more program-specific training, plus a URN Handbook living in both studios.


This houses some of our most talented, underrated presenters, so a format shake-up, potential re-brand and more advertising will give it the increased limelight it deserves.

But mainly:


Professional Radio is an ever more visual, accessible resource, and to maintain our status at the forefront of Studio Radio we need to welcome this exciting revolution with more:

– Online presence (Audioboom, Twitter, Facebook)

– Consistent podcasts

– High-Quality Videos- regular ‘share-able’ content, both light-hearted and serious, will boost online circulation.



Jordan Rinsler

Daytime is one of the biggest and most exciting areas of URN and I believe that the principle job of anyone who takes the reins, is to ensure that our friendly and family-like atmosphere is being maintained and that in 20 years’ time, every single one of our daytime presenters can look back and say that it was being a part of URN that made their university experience!

I’ve been a member of URN for two years and in that time I’ve had the wackiest, craziest and most insane amounts of fun presenting my own daytime show, Christmas specials, the Nottingham Sport Relief Mile and the SU Elections. Now, I want to give back.

My ideas for developing Daytime:

– Maintaining the buzz around URN Daytime and continuing the good work of Mikey in hyping people up about literally everything

– Continuing to allow presenters to have more freedom over the structure and content of their shows

– Getting more Daytime presenters involved in the planning of specials through big group meetings

– Working with Marketing to use more cross-station competitions

– Working with Imaging to create Daytime-specific idents and trails

– Producing an information booklet at the start of the year for all Daytimers explaining everything they need to know regarding production, presenting and Daytime in general


James Gooderson

Objective: To Develop URN Speech’s high quality production and social media presence

Increase Recruitment Drive

– Widen the recruitment net through networking with Schools, Society AGMs and advertisement.

Social Media

– Introduce expectations for Speech Show Presenters and Panellists to clip audio from shows to be put on Social Media in bite-size chunks using audioboom
– Work with Marketing to assimilate niche sports and news accounts into main handles to increase exposure

Production Training

– Trickle Down training: Provide detailed training sessions for each show Leader and produce training booklet of the basics for them to teach
– Provide shadowing roles for Freshers who want to learn how to produce
– Work with Station sound to design unique beds and idents for Specialist Speech Shows


– Guarantee the opportunity for one special per speech show throughout the year


– Presenter of The Silver Soundtrack, Varsity Tonight
– Reporter on the Sport’s Show and the Pulse
– Elections Show Production Team
– Producer of The Culture Show, So Many Lies (The Drama Show)
– Panellist on The Fantasy Premier League Podcast, Tea & Busquets


James Perkins

– A lot of members of After Dark are isolated and don’t know many other people in URN (especially the 11-1, 1-3am slots). I want to introduce a series of socials for After Dark to create more of a community, and to improve the URN experience for our department.

– The introduction of an hour-long weekly podcast comprising of the week’s best After Dark features. This would allow greater exposure for After Dark highlights which may have been missed

– I want to offer more support to new shows early on in the year. As After Dark DJs are often alone in the studio, if they encounter problems with their show, all they have is a phone number. I want to make sure there is always someone available in the studio (probably me, realistically) for new members’ first shows.

– In terms of experience, I was editor of my school newspaper – so leadership skills and all that. Regarding URN – I’m an active member of the Sports Team and After Dark. The amount of work I put into my shows is insane, and I’ll put in even more work if I get this position.


Harry Boutflower

Objective: To decrease the technical difficulties encountered during the day-to-day running of the studio and to increase the amount of trained personnel within URN.


-Head of Theatre Sound for three years at Shrewsbury School

-Head of Sound for Shrewsbury Drama at Edinburgh fringe.

-Presenter on the Culture show and Film show.


-I would work closely with the ex-technical managers in migrating the current system to the cloud over the summer giving me a detailed knowledge and understanding of the new systems come September.


-Train a number of URN members, regardless of year, in basic technical practice so that there is a larger number of people who can fix the station.

-A more in depth one to one training scheme with the possible creation of a tech team.

-Create a basic booklet for people to consult if something goes wrong.


-Network with Tech society and introduce a shadowing role that allows members of the society to gain basic training in the system throughout the year.

I live less than 15 minutes away and have such few contact hours that next year I would be available almost 24/7 and wish to do my part in keeping URN the top student radio station.

James Turner

As a Computer Science student, I have a great interest in all things technology related and a big love of music. I believe that given the opportunity to become Technical Manager, I would be able to contribute a lot to University Radio Nottingham.

Learning about and working with the the station would give me great practical experience as a first year student to find out what it’s like working in a team on a live system. It would also enable me to apply what I’ve learned in Computer Science to interesting projects to be utilised by many people.

One example of something I’d like to bring to URN is mobile apps for Android and iOS. Currently you can only listen to the station on 1350 AM (on campus) and through the website. Giving listeners the ability to stream URN on-the-go, wherever they are would be a valuable addition to the station. Such apps could also bring more interactivity to listeners, for example allowing them to view/manage past songs they’ve listened to and even send messages into the station directly from their phone to participate in shows on-air.

Vote for me and I’ll do my utmost make URN as good as it can be and let it continue to be the best student radio station in the country!


Meg Ashdown

Aim: Expand URN as a source for National, International and student news, through producing professional journalistic content.

Changes to the Pulse

-To allow for more informed discussion, I will reduce the number of Pulse stories covered per show to 3. Reporters will be given ‘topics’ rather than ‘stories’ and encouraged to do independent research.

-Heavily promote morning headlines to new members, as a way to involve them with Daytime.

-Enforce the rule that people have to be in from 3 on their Pulse day.


-Expand on the work done by ‘The Week That Was’ podcast, by attaching a blog explaining all the campus news from the corresponding week. I’ll also create a new bi-weekly podcast, ‘Keeping You Posted’ covering the latest National and International news.

The News Team

-Create a unified ‘News Team’ instead of individual ‘Pulse’ members, for example, through more socials at the beginning of the year.

-We will aim to rival Impact in our immediate coverage of breaking news around campus, whilst covering student relevant issues – such as Housing and Landlords – in specials throughout the year.

My Experience

-Presenter of the Pulse.

-Member of the SU elections team.

-Morning headline reader.


Elliott Chaplin

I believe that we need to spend more time discussing a wider range of sports and less focus on football. As a result the Tuesday show would be limited to half an hour at most of football talk, spending the rest of the time looking at Rugby, Cricket etc.

We have some really quality podcasts here on URN Sport that we need to try and advertise, so I propose that we have a list of all current podcasts available to hosts and if talking about a sport or area that directly relates to the podcast, they can plug it.

However, we need to make sure that the shows come first and so to help improve numbers on this year, those who are leading a podcast will have to appear on a show during the week for at least every other podcast that goes out.

When it comes to experience, I have been on the sports show for close to 2 years now and on daytime for a year and a half and have loved every moment of it all. I have been one of the 3 Saturday show hosts this year and I spurred on the URN speech versus victory, losing a knee in the process, showing I have the commitment needed for this role.

Bradley Deas

One thing I would like to do is to adapt the already successful Saturday show schedule slightly to accommodate for midweek games and special footballing events – for example big rounds of Champions League games or a special show during International breaks. I would run these in a similar fashion to the current setup (with people coming in to stream games and commentate) but these would of course run on different days to the original Saturday show.

Also on the current Tuesday show I would like to implement a “Sports Highlight of The Week” which would involve selecting a different sport each week and then running through results/news from that sport for that week or over the last month or so. This would keep the show fresh, up-to-date and allow for the showcasing of different unique sports.

Alongside this I would like to run weekly, fun, set features in each show that hosts would have to research for and then find time for within their schedule for that show. Current ideas are: a mini quiz for the Tuesday show; a BUCS star of the week for the Thursday and a “Guess Who?” game for during the half-time break on the Saturday show.

I would like to implement other things as well as continue the current success.


Hannah Chambers

Why me?

Although I’ve only been part of URN for a short time, it is easily what I’ve enjoyed the most since starting university this year, which is why I would love the opportunity to become more involved with the station and represent something I’ve enjoyed so much. I am extremely passionate about music and will therefore be a committed, hard-working and creative member of the team.

What would I do?

If elected as your playlist editor, as well as picking your favourite tracks every week, I would promote new music and artists by introducing a new playlist category. This new ‘New in Notts’ playlist would focus especially on home-grown Nottingham talent as I believe supporting musicians from within our university and community is really important, not only to encourage others to become involved with the station, but also to have a positive impact on our university and to add to the feeling of solidarity already here. I would do this by working with other societies and other radio members and shows, such as Under the Radar, and would strive to build on the exciting things already happening here at URN. I know I have a lot to offer and your support to be able to do so would be greatly appreciated.

Henry Coates

Right, as we all know Hannah has done a fantastic job this year as Playlist Editor and has satisfied the majority of everyones cake needs. She’s a tough cookie to follow but after my experience of being Head of Afterdark I would love to be your new Playlist Editor. My main points are as follows:

– Keep Playlist as organised, efficient and informed as it currently is. So yes this does mean more Playlist meetings and cake.

– Increase awareness of URN in the Nottingham music scene. Over, the past year I’ve seen a number of great local bands around Nottingham and the sad thing is as a Station they don’t know us. We need to get cosy with organisations such as Nusic and increase our exposure to artists in the Nottingham area. In a nutshell this means more live sessions and a greater depth of music that we play on URN.

– Establish a URN style live lounge. Its hard to sum this up with 200 words haha but it’ll involve creating a live lounge in talks that will allow us to do full live sessions rather than just acoustic sessions here at URN.

– Integrate the playlist team into URN so they get to know everyone. This means more socials & doing playlist meetings at the station.

– More Interviews!


Henry x


Joe Archer

Hello everyone, I am Joe Archer, and I currently host The Classics Show, produce The Science Show, and created The Music Show.

I am confident my personal interest and enthusiasm in this area, and towards URN itself, would allow me to operate as Drama Editor.

Drama has been outstanding this year, and I will put key importance on continuing and further developing the success of Dario’s work, especially involving the recordings with a live audience. These are few points I would hope to bring:

– Work with the New Theatre, Musicality, Improv and other drama groups to produce original comedies, plays, short story adaptations written and created by UoN students
– Use social media more to make sure students are aware of URN’s drama output. Post videos of shows and live audience recordings.
– To run extended and regular training sessions, as well as Audition tutorials with newcomers, open to all station members as well
– Hopefully increase quality and avoid rushing content.
– Work with all parts of the station to aid in the production of Dramatic content.


Iona Hampson


– Daytime Presenter- Tuesday 3-5pm

– Presenter and Producer for ‘Food For Thought’

– Producer for the daily Elections Show

– Mussoc Committee: Tour Manager 2014/15

– Video Creator for Apolline Archaeology Project: Summer 2014

My vision: To promote URN to be an engaging, easily accessible and essential part of university life. I will support URN achieve its objectives by the following actions:


– Further expansion to our ‘on campus’ playout to new locations including Boots, new SU hubs and the new Sports Village.

– Increase OB presence across campuses for the first two weeks of the year.

– Ensure equal emphasis on both on-air and off-air opportunities at fresher’s fair, information evenings and to present members.

– Increase ties with more local companies for show and station-wide prizes.

Online Content

– Provide Audition and iMovie/Moviemaker tutorials to encourage presenters to create material and start their own off-air productions.

– YouTube

—- Start recording face-to-face interviews with artists and exclusive performances.

—- Create daytime, speech and after dark videos allowing listeners to know about the presenters and URN members to know about other shows.


– Create a uniform online members platform with committee members:

—- Studio booking

—- Studio computer booking (so access to one computer is guaranteed)

—- Online handbook on dealing with studio tech problems.


Harry Mumford-Turner

Hello! My name is Harry and I am new the the URN scene.
For those of you that aren’t part of the Harry Mumford fan club, I am a soon-to-be final year Comp Sci student currently on a Year Placement working in Nottingham.

I love to be a part of URN and feel that my strongest role would be IT!

My experience

I was a part of Willoughby Hall’s JCR as the Vice President in 2012
I planned a Paintball trip for 25 students, arranging transport to and from our halls. Held and took minutes for every meeting, and undertook any duty the president couldn’t make.

In 2013 I did Graphics & Marketing for Enactus “The Great Escape”. I developed brand awareness by designing stickers, posters and leaflets. Marketed the hike through social media. Held speeches to get more people to join. The team and I overcame the previous years total generating £11k for Enactus.

HackSoc Graphics:
I have been the on the HackSoc committee for 2014 & 2015 as the Graphic designer. I created event logos and managed the full critic process dealing with everybody on the committee giving different design opinions.

My Year in Industry:
I am currently working at a technology company that specialises in logistics, where I undertake IT tasks every day. These range from programming in house applications for our employees, working on client work with other members in the team and discussing new ideas that can help improve our companies culture.

Based on my experience, degree and amazing humour, I feel that I would be perfect for this role.


Ollie Samuels

Anyone who has listened to my daytime show over the last two years will know how much emphasis I put on branded beds, show introductions, jingles and packages. I love working on sound and imaging for my show, Varsity Tonight and the Music Show and I want to expand that to the rest of the station. If elected I would…

– Scrap the dreaded Wet ID 8. Forever. Deleted. Gone.

– Personal Wet IDs for EVERY daytime member, speech show and After Dark Show.

– Make a branded version of the big song in the charts – e.g. this year, I would have made a branded version of Uptown Funk.

– Trails for each ‘genre’ of URN: The Morning Show, The Mixtape, The Pulse, Rock Music etc, to be played out 15-30 minutes before the show starts.

– Most of the above would be recorded with a male and a female Station Sound voice, determined through demos.

– Finally, I would also like to run INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED workshop sessions for audition, to teach others how to create new and exciting content for their show.

I would look towards increasing the slickness and professional nature of URN, hopefully helping the station towards “Five More Years!”


Izzie Masters

Hi, my name’s Izzie and I’m a first year Geography with Business student. Within URN I’m a member of the new team and do the Pulse.

I’m applying for the position of finance and sales because I would love to get more involved with URN and also, I like to think that I am organized and so would be good at pre-planning and would ensure that there is enough money available throughout the year.

As a fresher I found that the marketing was really effective and I loved the promo clips in the taster session in Fresher’s week, and it made me really excited to become a part of URN. Therefore I would spend more money on promotional material for the station to advertise us around campus.

Socials are a great opportunity to get to meet other people who do other shows to you, and so I would also subsidise events such as the end of year Boat Party, which I’ve heard is great fun!

I think getting the role of finance and sales would be a great opportunity for me to be more a part of URN, as it’s a brilliant society and I would love to gain an insight into the workings of it and form a rapport with companies who give us prizes. I’m diligent and really enjoy working as part of a team and so I hope I would do the role justice!

Abigail Johal

I am an outgoing and personable individual who loves meeting new people and feel that these would be good qualities to have as Head of Finance and Sales. Having been part of the Daytime Presenters team during my first year of university, I have discovered a real love for radio and, as a result of this, wish to further my role within URN.

Having been the Managing Director of my Young Enterprise team, I have experience with managing money and being able to work well in a team. Within this role I also had to consult with local businesses, who we sold our social media services and skills. Through doing this I learnt a lot about how to best communicate with businesses and I think that this skill would be invaluable when seeking sponsorship, prizes and generally maintaining good relations.

In terms of what I would bring to the role, I would like to spend the money focusing on making listening to the radio more accessible and available to students. For example, looking into a way of listeners being able to access older shows as well as the possibility of an app.


Make sure you have your say on who will be running YOUR station next year!