Varsity Dodgeball Report

29th April 2015

UoN 13-1 Trent

Dodgeball commentary and post-match interview:

It was another fantastic day for UoN as the mixed dodgeball team travelled to Clifton Campus and managed to see off their opponents with ease. The game is played out of 7 rounds of 3 minutes each but our boys and girls didn’t even need that long, winning all of the first 4 rounds comfortably and even though the game was won they continued pressing in the remaining rounds, walking away with 6 wins and a draw.

Uni of went into this game as favourites and they certainly lived up to expectation, but they certainly had a bumpy start. In round 1 UoN had to fight back from only having 2 players to Trent’s 5 but thanks to some stellar catching that deficit changed very quickly. In rounds 2, 3 and 4 however it was far more routine, UoN generally ending the game with the majority of their players still in. The tensest round by far was round 5, where UoN had already wrapped up their win but Trent were playing to try and save some pride, and their number 26 certainly did that. He was Trent’s last man against 5 UoN players but thanks to some unbelievable dodging and great catches he brought it to 3 a side, with the round eventually going for a draw.

Overall though, Trent were outplayed consistently and the dodgeball team can be very proud of their performance that made it 3-0 in the series at the time.

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We Stand Together.

Amar Mehta and Elliott Chaplin