Varsity Ice Hockey Report

29th April 2015

UoN 4-3 Trent

Post-match ice hockey interview with UoN’s Jonathan Betts:

Post-match ice hockey interview with UoN’s Tom Bradshaw:

In the highlight of the Varsity series it’s our beloved UoN that brings home that crucial point, leaving the current Varsity score standing at 6-1.

An incredible first period saw the green and gold UoN team head into the first break with a 3-0 lead. UoN goalie Jonathan Betts becoming a fan favourite as he blocked every shot Trent could fire at him. The momentum stayed with us as UoN went on to score a 4th goal in the second period. Tom Bradshaw’s second of the night provided an even more miserable score line for our friends down the road.

The start of the third period brought with it Trent’s first goal of the night as Trent number 13 Joseph Steeples slotted one past Betts within two minutes of the period starting. A second and third quickly followed as Trent brought the game to an exciting climax with 6 minutes left on the clock. The tension was unbearable as UoN held their lead.

With 7 seconds to go, Trent’s number 13 started a fight and in return received a game misconduct. With Steeples ejected from the game, UoN easily saw out the final 7 seconds meaning the University of Nottingham now leads the Varsity series 6-1.

The Varsity Ice Hockey trophy stays firmly where it belongs.

Danny Estreich & Matt Manley