Varsity Lacrosse Report

29th April 2015

UoN 16-10 Trent

Lacrosse post-game reaction:

Lacrosse post-game interview with the UoN Captain:

The Men’s Lacrosse team were able to overcome an early deficit to earn a comfortable 16-10 win over their Trent rivals, gaining some revenge for their defeat in the fixture last year.

Both teams had performed well in their respective leagues, so whilst the University of Nottingham team started as favourites, they knew they were facing strong opposition from Trent. This was made evident in the early stages of the game, Trent quickly establishing a 3-0 lead. UoN refused to panic and were soon able to get themselves back into the game, goals from Upshaw, Wilcox and two from Angrisani helping to level the score at 4-4 by the end of the first quarter. UoN were able to capitalise on the shift in momentum throughout the second quarter, taking a 9-6 lead into the half.

The early stages of the second half saw a lull in action, both team’s defences standing firm to keep the score at 10-7 for several minutes. This would not last for long, UoN gradually able to extend their lead throughout the half. Some Trent goals late in the game helped to narrow the gap and raise some hopes of a memorable comeback. This dream was soon quashed in the final minutes as some dazzling play from the Uni of team put the game to bed.

In the end, it was a leisurely 16-10 victory for the UoN team. The result clearly meant a lot to each and every member of the side, who gave UoN a 4-0 lead in the Varsity Series.

Scorers for UoN:
Wilcox (x5), Upshaw (x4), Angrisani (x4), Wilkison (x2), Wood

James Perkins and Matt Foulkes