Grad Ball Tickets: What Went Wrong?

30th April 2015

On Tuesday morning, Graduation Ball dinner tickets went on sale – with students queuing up from as early as 3am to try and secure one of the years most prized items. With only 350 dinner tickets available for a student population of 8000 gradudates this year, many students have complained that simply not enough tickets were on sale – with some students who queued up in the Portland building from 5.30am not getting the chance to buy a dinner ticket for one of the years most prestigious nights.

Over 2000 ‘Entertainment’ tickets, were available on Wednesday morning for those students who missed out, however that has not stopped the complaints raining in on the Event’s Facebook page.

Looking back at the story on the Pulse, Annabel began by explaining how the events unfolded – and some of the complaints that the students had, including over the controversial decision to allow non-University of Nottingham students to attend.

Trying to uncover what really happened on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, and what students were most upset with in how the events unfolded, we spoke to those around campus to find out their experiences:

Lucy, Annabel and Fiona then debated whether the ticketing process was appropriate – with opinions divided over some of the issues, including whether non-Nottingham students should attend the event.

Joe Caunce, our Student’s Union Activities Officer, came into the studio to explain how the ticketing process had been organising, noting that there were lessons to be learned from this years events:

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