Varsity Women’s Futsal Report

30th April 2015

UoN 11–2 Trent

Women’s futsal post-match interview:

An absolutely commanding performance from the women’s futsal team inspired an 11-2 victory over Trent in the Women’s Futsal and gave UoN a 5-0 lead in the Varsity series.

With both teams winning their respective leagues, the University of Nottingham went into the game as favourites being in the league above Trent however they knew that their opponents were not to be taken lightly. The early stages of the game seemed to suggest otherwise with UoN taking a 1-0 lead within the first minute of play through number 10 Liz Ejupi. Following the opening goal, she followed it up with 2 goals in quick succession securing a 5 minute hat-trick and a 3-0 lead for UoN. Trent finally managed to beat the seemingly unstoppable UoN keeper, comeback on? Not if the UoN team had anything to do with it, 3 more goals before half-time gave us a 6-1 lead going into half time.

Much of the same as the teams were back onto the pitch after half-time and 2 quick goals left Ejupi searching for 1 more to secure her double hat-trick and gave the team an 8-1 advantage over Trent. 2 more goals and we were into double figures with the clock ticking down and the game moving into its final 5 minutes. Was there any way back for Trent?

A couple of superb saves from the Trent keeper inspired what would be a consolation goal for Trent as Ejupi with her quick feet managed to jab home her 6th goal of the game and complete an 11-2 drubbing of the Trent team.

Jack Newman and Ollie Samuels