Varsity American Football Report

5th May 2015

UoN 6-14 NTU

American Football post-match interview:

The University of Nottingham’s American Football team lost a close-fought contest 14-6 to NTU, which closed UoN’s Varsity Series lead to 9-7.

The game that was much closer than expected, but it was easy to see that the gap continues to narrow between these two teams. UoN’s defence led the way, but four fumbles and an interception ultimately derailed the attack of the green and gold.

Uni of got the game underway with a good defensive stand led by a couple of tackles from Ben Selbo to force a Trent third and out. However, in a precursor of what was to come, UoN fumbled the snap and gave it straight back to Trent. Starting with great field position and using a controversial defensive pass interference call, Trent was able to get on the scoreboard first with a 1-yard touchdown run to go up 7-0. Uni of came back fighting as running back Abdullah Zubairu broke through the line for a 55-yard run. UoN could not capitalise and the first quarter ended 7-0 in Trent’s favour.

The second quarter started with a 73-yard Trent drive ending in another 1-yard touchdown run to extend their lead to 14-0. Uni of fumbled their first snap after the touchdown but the defence came through again for Uni of with a momentum-changing interception from Matt Thornes. UoN finally put together a lasting drive behind quarterback Joe Scott, but they could not get on the scoreboard before half and continued to be down 14.

The tide began to shift at the start of the third quarter. Uni of started with the ball and new quarterback Sam Wright continued what the offence put together in the first half. Nottingham got down into Trent territory with an amazing catch from Alex Currie, who was able to hold on to the ball despite being poleaxed by a Trent player. UoN finally punched the ball home with a 1-yard run by Gagan Sunner on fourth down for a touchdown and, after a missed extra point, Uni of trailed 14-6. The third quarter ended with a turnover from both sides as another Uni of fumble was countered with an interception by Israel Ogunleye.

In the fourth quarter, the UoN defence continued to be outstanding. The offence, however, was unable to take advantage with yet another drive derailed by a fumble in their last chance to score. The final score was 14-6 in favour of Trent despite a great fight put up by the Uni of team.

After the game UoNAF Head Coach Phil Wood promised his team that it would be them holding the trophy next year. The Varsity Series is now 9-7 to Uni of and will continue with the Men’s (1pm) and Women’s (3pm) Hockey at Beeston Hockey Club and Table Tennis at the Jubilee Campus at 3pm.

Ben Harrison