Comics TV, Miley Cyrus, LGBTQ+ Rights, Interview w. Mathieu Donner, Criticism, Govt. in Pop Culture: Popular Table – 10/5/15

10th May 2015

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Popular Table!

On today’s show, we welcome special guest Mathieu Donner, the mastermind behind the Popular Culture Lecture Series, alongside David, Mike, Ibi, Victoria and Felix to the studio. In the first segment, we gush over the renewal of Agent Carter, discuss Martin Freeman’s mysterious MCU casting and the line-up for Captain America: Civil War, DC’s exciting new TV show, and Miley Cyrus’s championing of LGBTQ+ rights.

In the second part of the show, we discuss the Popular Culture Lecture Series – its inception, its success and its future – with organiser Mathieu Donner. We then look at call-out culture and the problems with criticising for criticism’s sake.

In the final segment this week, we look back at the elections and consider the range of political systems offered by various popular culture portrayals, from totalitarian nightmares to socialist utopias.

Special thanks to Mathieu for coming on the show this week and to Mike for his excellent production skills.

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Thanks for listening and tune in again next week!