Ireland’s MarRef, Supergirl, the ‘Best’ Film, Social Issues, LGBTQ+ Intersectionality: The Popular Table – 17/05/2015

17th May 2015

Hello and welcome to another edition of URN’s top pop culture show.

In part one, after producing a campaign video with fellow international Irish students, David calls for a Yes vote in Ireland’s Marriage Referendum on May 22nd. Then Ibi, Felix, Sam, and Mike join him to discuss Shearer’s Simpsons departure, the new Supergirl trailer, Twin Peaks, and the Plus-Size Appreciation hashtag.

In part two, our gang asks if there can ever be a ‘best’ anything (film/TV show/book), before moving on to discuss how celebs can influence social issues and charities.

In the final part of this week’s show, in Ibi’s corner, our pop culture analysts look at LGBTQ+ intersectionality with reference to the Young Avengers comic.

And that’s all for this week! The song played in part one is ‘Everybody’s Voting Yes!’ by The Rolling Tav Revue. (
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Vote Yes on May 22nd!
‘Til next week!