Diversity, Taylor Swift, Alter Egos, Culture and Class, Met Gala and Cultural Appropriation: The Popular Table – 23/05/2015

23rd May 2015

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Popular Table!

We are without David this week, but a massive congratulations to Ireland on voting Yes in the marriage referendum! In his absence, Ibi, Mike, Victoria, Sam, Felix, Tom and Alanna get things going with a look forward to Eurovision, briefly touching on the latest Game of Thrones controversy (to be discussed in detail next week), praising Pixar for its latest decision on diversity, criticising Cannes for its heels policy, and looking at the New Mutants spin-off.

In the second part of the show, we fall in love with Taylor Swift all over again, as we discuss her changing image and the use of alter egos in music like Sasha Fierce, Slim Shady and Ziggy Stardust. Then, we talk about whether the creation of culture and the means to get into cultural industries is limited to the middle and upper classes, or whether the working class can be represented without being patronising.

In the final part of this week’s show, we talk about how the Met Gala created controversy around cultural appropriation with its theme of China this year, and we go further into discussion appropriation versus inspiration

And that’s all for this week! This week’s clips were the Eurovision theme song and a clip taken from classic film Oliver!

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