URN News Investigates – Students with Disabilities: Is our Uni doing enough?

14th June 2015

Students with Disabilities: Is our Uni doing enough?

URN News Investigates – Students with Disabilities: Is our Uni doing enough?

In this URN News Investigation, we explore whether all student’s get an equal chance – and if the same opportunities are provided to Students with Disabilities.

With the University of Nottingham Students Union having lacked a Disabled Students’ Officer between November and July 2013-14, we wanted to find out whether Students with Disabilities have enough support and representation at our University.

Exploring the academic support provided to Students with Disabilities as well as whether Societies and Sports teams were inclusive for all students wanting to participate we spoke to you, the students, about your experiences through your time at University.

Uncovering flaws in committee training and a lack of representation in our Students Union, we put our findings to the UoNSU President, Harry Copson, who made some surprising admissions.

You can listen to our investigation in full here:

In the Studio

Sarah and Sam then discussed the investigation findings in the URN studios, offering their insight into what had been uncovered – and asking what the prospects were for change in the future:

A number of you also got in touch with us throughout the show, via webtext and on Twitter:

Welfare Training should be mandatory, if societies don’t know how to help disabled students how will anything ever improve?

Support for Societies is equally important for wellbeing of students, its so important to have other activities to focus on rather than just academics so that students don’t burn themselves out. For disabled students it’s sad they cannot participate as fully in Uni life and it could lead to a negative work-life balance. – Emma

I appreciate that the SU admits its flaws and will accept there is work to be done!

Equal Opportunities should be a given. Surely the fact that it is even debatable shows our University is seriously lacking?!

It’s good to hear Sam grilling Harry, you have him stumped!

UPDATE: Molly O’Brien Statement

Since our special was released, we have heard from incoming Students with Disabilities Officer, Molly O’Brien who gave us the following statement regarding our findings:

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URN News Investigates – Students with Disabilities: Is our Uni doing enough? by Sam Boyle on Mixcloud