Review – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – Rock City, Saturday 13th February 2016

19th February 2016

It’s always satisfying to witness a band seamlessly translate their sound from studio to stage, and on a cold February evening in Nottingham, Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats nailed it.

Proceedings were solidly kicked off by the raw, bluesy twosome Reverend Deadeye, with a set that, despite a rambling start, cranked up the rhythm nicely. By the time the Sweats took to the stage the crowd were in high spirits. And that’s saying something, given what they were about to witness.

To say Nathaniel Rateliff and his gang are energetic is something of an understatement. Whether it was the manic maraca-shaking antics and Rick-Astley-esque dance moves of their trumpeter and saxophonist, or the triumphant keyboard flourishes of their organist, each band member made their presence felt and played their part to ensure a dazzling ensemble performance.

The band wasted no time in rattling through their repertoire, and the man himself oozed soul – effortlessly switching between the laidback country-jazz crooning of ‘Look It Here’ and ‘Thank You’ and the hollering howls of rip-roaring anthems like ‘S.O.B’ and ‘I Need Never Get Old’. Mr Rateliff and his lungs quite rightly brought the house down, and they certainly sound like they’re here to stay.

Which is a good job, because the crowd weren’t going to let them go that easily; they continued chanting long after the final strains of ‘S.O.B’ had sounded, and the Sweats eventually rewarded them, executing a well-deserved encore with ease. Job done – five stars!


– Andrew Morley