URN Interviews: Your Presidential Candidates

3rd March 2016

On Saturday 27th March, URN Spoke to those running to be your SU Activities Officer as part of Media Day.


We Spoke to Candidates, about why they were running, what were the main points of their manifestos, and why you should vote for them!


The candidates for the SU elections have released their manifestos. Voting for the elections opens at 9am on Friday on the SU website and URN will be keeping you updated on the elections throughout the week from 5-6 with the Presidential candidates on Monday. There will also be a satirical look at the election week from 6-7 every day featuring cameos from the candidates.


Jess Salisbury sums up her key points in her Presidential campaign, introducing the key slogan #BeVisible aiming to make what the Student’s Union do more accessible for all students. You can hear the full interview with URN here:



The key points that Jess talks about in her manifesto are: Diversity, in particular the inclusion of all students and “celebrating everyone” at the university. Welfare, the key aspect of understanding mental health at the university and expanding awareness. Education, an impetus put on consistency across the subjects with resources and teaching. You can read Jess’ full manifesto here:



Jononymous aim to ensure the Presidential candidates don’t take the role for granted and deliver their ideas on the mental health debate around the university. They aim to be elected on their merits, not simply because they are a popular candidate. You can hear the interview here: https://audioboom.com/boos/4248691-presidential-candidates-jononymous-speaks-to-urn


Aiming to remember Johnny Lawrence, Jononymous’ manifesto talks about making university teaching more exciting for students, in particular lectures, as well as how Freshers will be made to feel more comfortable in the first few weeks and how they will try to tackle mental health difficulties that students feel. Jononymous’ full manifesto is here:



Dipen Patel spoke to URN about how he wishes to bring some more power to make decisions to the SU President and out of the hands of an “unelected group of bureaucrats”. He pushes his slogan “choose the dependable candidate” and says that the man making decisions regarding students should be voted for by the students. Hear the full interview here:



Patel’s manifesto focusses on free speech, particularly the introduction of a “super safe space zone” where students are able to go and speak about whatever is one their mind without fear of judgement. He also wishes to make all the services in the Portland Building student run to bring prices down and make goods accessible for all students. Read Patel’s manifesto here: http://www.studentleaderelections.co.uk/candidates/dipen-patel-4-reform/


Ismail Sadurdeen speaks about how he wishes to make university more inclusive for everyone by introducing a two week fresher’s and international welcome induction. He speaks about training tutors to cope with mental health difficulties as well as homesickness to make them feel as comfortable, using his slogan “going the extra mile to make you smile” to push this idea. Listen to his full interview with URN here:



Ismail’s manifesto focusses heavily on inclusivity of all students within the university, particularly helping home students understand how international students feel when moving to the university. He also talks about his welfare points of making the university more accessible by improving hopper bus routes across the city to more accommodation locations. You can view Ismail’s full manifesto here: http://www.studentleaderelections.co.uk/candidates/ismail-sadurdeen/