URN Interviews: Your Community Candidates

3rd March 2016

On Saturday 27th March, URN Spoke to those running to be your SU Activities Officer as part of Media Day.


We Spoke to Candidates, about why they were running, what were the main points of their manifestos, and why you should vote for them!


The candidates for the SU elections have released their manifestos. Voting for the elections opens at 9am on Friday on the SU website and URN will be keeping you updated on the elections throughout the week from 5-6. There will also be a satirical look at the election week from 6-7 every day featuring cameos from the candidates.


Scott Jennings is running for the second year in a row for the Community officer and he describes how his key points have remained the same, particularly the concept of a student letting office within the university to help students find housing. Jennings also hopes to bring outside companies such as charities and student employers onto campus to add diversity options for future employment. Hear the full interview here:



Jennings’ manifesto pushes the student element of the Community role, talking about having a memorial to students that lose their lives at university and honouring their memory. He also stresses the importance of improving transport links between campuses for students living out across different accommodation sites, most importantly Sutton Bonington. Read Jennings’ full manifesto here:



Ian Opara wants to ensure that all students have the best time possible at university and don’t feel at all excluded from the experience. He wishes to “protect student interests” particularly from the government’s new plan to raise tuition fees in line with the teaching excellence framework, aiming to make sure that student fees do not rise at the university and that students can be free of further economic stresses this may cause. Hear Opara’s full interview with URN here:



Opara’s manifesto covers a wide range of student issues, particularly the housing problems and changes he feels need to be made to the housing. These include the introduction of one free parking permit per house for students living out as well as holding a housing fair for students to speak to agencies and letters in a relaxed environment. Opara’s full manifesto can be found here:



Abel Hartman spoke to URN about his Community officer candidacy, stating his biggest motivation for running is that university would not have been any different without Abel Hartman and he wants to have a chance to make his mark on university life. Hartman is another candidate that has a strong stance on housing, wishing to blacklist bad landlords and ensure that international students don’t pay high up front fees. The full interview can be heard here:



Hartman’s manifesto is heavily centred around the bad side of student housing currently, the dodgy landlords and poor wifi that students have to cope with every year. To attempt to address this, Hartman wants to create a “Rate my Landlord” website where students can make other students aware of both really good landlords and also the landlords to avoid. You can read Hartman’s manifesto here:



Dina Elkordy wants to put emphasis on her aim of making sure students understand more about who the Student’s Union are and also how they can help them in their day to day lives if they are struggling. Elkordy wants to lobby the university to try and keep the accommodation prices at a steady level by using the cut JCR budgets to keep the prices level. Elkordy wants to make sure students feel at home during their time at the university. Elkordy’s full interview can be found here:



Elkordy’s manifesto is strongly linked to making the lives of students easier whilst they are at the university. She talks about providing a night time bus service during exam season so that students studying late on campus still have a safe and quick way to get home and improving the support network provided by the university for victims of rape, sexual assault and harassment to ensure students feel safe during there time at university. You can find Elkordy’s full manifesto here: