URN Interviews: Your Sports Officer Candidates

3rd March 2016

On Saturday 27th March, URN Spoke to those running to be your SU Sports Officer as part of Media Day.


We spoke to the candidates about why they were running, what were the main points of their manifestos, and why you should vote for them!


The candidates for the SU elections have released their manifestos. Voting for the elections opens at 9am on Friday on the SU website and URN will be keeping you updated on the elections throughout the week from 5-6 with the Presidential candidates on Monday. There will also be a satirical look at the election week from 6-7 every day featuring cameos from the candidates.


Will Rider spoke about increasing participation across the world of university sport. You can hear his interview with URN here:



He also mentioned his plans for the creation of an IMS tournament, as well as an application to improve communication between sports teams. You can read his full manifesto here:



Seb Chimo told us about his plans to improve the integration between sports teams, and to increase coverage of sports altogether. This is what happened when he came in for an interview with URN:



He also spoke of changing the handover process – and you can read his manifesto here:



Lauren Heria, in her interview, said that he wanted to see better understanding of and access to sporting facilities. This is her interview with URN:



She spoke about better supporting the sports teams as well as providing better information on sports scholarships. You can read her manifesto here:



Yolanda King told us that she wants to showcase inspirational figures from the world of university sports and also create a virtual sports fair. Here is her interview on URN:



She also spoke about her plans to increase awareness of the No Homophobia in sports campaign. You can read her manifesto here:



Alex Terry is also running.


You can listen to your Sports Officers’ debate tonight, 3rd March 2016, from 6-7 at http://urn1350.net