Elections Corner: The race for Education

17th March 2017

Education – a university’s primary reason for existence. The race for education is contested between only two candidates, the only race of its kind barring the candidates for Disabled students. The orange of Cassie O’Boyle against the green of Declan Greaves. Although there is clear affability between the two, this can be seen in person and heard from in their joint appearances on media, both are very passionate and strongly desire the job. Both candidates certainly seem to have the experience for the role, but from manifestos media, it seems Cassie edges Declan in this regard. In their manifestos, Cassie focuses more on satellite campuses whilst Declan targets support for year abroad students. The campaigning for education has noticeably not been as visible as other officer positions; both candidates are equal in this regard. This exacerbates the difficulty in predicting the result especially considering that satellite campuses could certainly have major impact. However, based on the edge in experience and general indication, I feel Cassie is the forerunner and more likely to be celebrating a victory on the night.