6th April 2017

In a recent statement, the Student’s Union has announced that Karnival’s RAG Raids have been cancelled. This is in response to the Charities Act and new fundraising legislation passed by the government. Concerns over the safety of not only the fundraisers, but the people the fundraisers were coming into contact with were raised after allegations were raised over two halls in relation to RAG Raids taking place in the first semester of 2016.

The Chair of Trustees and the Students’ Union President, Ismail Sadurdeen said: “The safety of our students is paramount and in the event of something happening on any of our activities we need to be confident that we’ve followed all safeguarding checks. The failures and learnings have been identified and the Karnival Executive Committee and the Students’ Union Officers and staff are now working together to review and improve the training, support and the policies for all Karnival activity.”

The Karnival Executive had this to say: “While the news that RAG raids will cease comes as a huge disappointment to us all, we are now looking forward to the future and are working to improve and expand Karnival. We aim to develop a more sustainable model for our group that includes activities that can engage more students than ever.”

The Student’s Union and Karnival will be working to come up with a new offer that reflects the values of the Student’s Union.