These are the current members of committee


  • Head of Station (formerly Station Editor): Izzy Morris
  • Deputy Head of Station: Archie Wood
  • Head of Daytime Programming: Abbie Rose
  • Head of Cultural Programming (previously Speech Based Programming): Gabby Brown
  • Head of Specialist Music Programming: Will Griffin
  • Head of News Programming: Scarlett Pontin
  • Head of Sports Programming: Callum Thomas
  • Head of Music (previously Playlist Editor): Sam Hands
  • Head of Technology & Digital: Joe Banks
  • Head of Graphics & Imaging: Alex Cavanagh
  • Head of Online Content: Harry Waring
  • Head of Audio Production: Rachael Proud
  • Head of Promotion and Sales: Alex Beevor
  • Head of Welfare: Kitty Taylor
  • Social Secretary (new): Luke Lovitt
  • IMS Executive (new): Luke Green

Previous Years