On-air shows

Romy and Olivia

Romy and Olivia are here to give away 2 tickets to Crisis every Wednesday! Tune in to find out more...

Late Night Indie

Whether you're working late or just can't sleep, Ross Jones brings you some classic indie tunes to help get you through the night

George and Georgie

George and Georgie finish off your Thursday!

Romy Jackson

Romy Jackson comes to you live from Portland, with the biggest new music from the URN playlist and the very best in student entertainment.

Grace and Matt

Listen in to Grace and Matt for the biggest new hits on the URN playlist as well as some hilarious student related content!

Hamish Watson

Hamish Watson entertains you in the morning playing you all the newest hits from the URN playlist!

Harrison Berg

Live from Portland, Harrison offers up the biggest tracks from the URN playlist.

The Breakdown

Hosted by Salwa Issa

Holly and George

Holly and George help you get going on a Wednesday afternoon, bringing you all the best URN Playlist has to offer.

India, Dulcie and Liv

India, Dulcie and Liv wake you up on Tuesday with all the best tunes our playlist has to offer!

Jamie and Reece

Jamie and Reece play the biggest hits to start your afternoon! Join them until 1pm on the UK’s best student radio station.

Jem Braithwaite

Jem Braithwaite gets you through lunchtime. Entertaining you from 11-1pm and playing you all the newest hits from the URN playlist!

Kathryn Embree

Coming live from the Portland Building, Kathryn Embree brings you the best URN has to offer in brand new music and student related entertainment!

Kathryn and Caitlin

Kathryn and Caitlin are here to give away 2 tickets to Crisis every Wednesday! Tune in to find out more...

Lizzy and Ingrid

Lizzy and Ingrid get you ready for the rest of the week with the very best of student entertainment!

Flora and Ingrid

Flora and Ingrid bring you the biggest music from the URN Playlist and the very best in student entertainment.

Sophia, Ben and Safa

Join Sophia, Ben and Safa to carry you through your Monday afternoon live from the Portland Building. 3 certainly isn't a crowd with this show!

Maddy and Annie

Listen in for the biggest new hits on the URN playlist as well as some hilarious student related content!

Manny and Feeya

Tune in for the biggest new hits on URN Playlist as well as some fab games!

Matt and James

Matt and James give you the best possible start to your Thursday! With features such as Dorset Dialect, If You Know Your History and Matt's Web, it's unmissable. https://www.instagram.com/mattandjamesshow/

Nerd of Mouth

Nerd of Mouth, the weekly show about all things nerdy. Join Philippa, Ibtisam, Athena, and Jamie as they discuss everything from the best Dungeons and Dragons character to the effects of social justice on comic book culture.

Sarah Bertram

Entertaining you from the Portland Building, Sarah brings you the biggest tracks from the URN Playlist.


Sam wakes you up on a sleepy Saturday live from the Portland Building!

Ru and Abi

Ru and Abi bring you the best in student related entertainment to kick off your Monday afternoon!

Oladunni and Simi

Oladunni and Simi bring the party to your Sunday morning live from University Park.

Olivia Peter

Olivia Peter is here to give you the best start to your morning. Listen in for the biggest new hits on the URN playlist as well as some hilarious student related content!

Rotational Daytime Slot

This show alternates every week between Runan and Yaran, and Doni.

Olly and Hannah

Olly and Hannah are here to give you the best start to the afternoon. Listen in for the biggest new hits on the URN playlist as well as some hilarious student related content!

Olly and Sam

Olly and Sam are here to kickstart your weekend and give you the best start to your morning. Listen in for the biggest new hits on the URN playlist as well as some hilarious student related content!

Freija Jeppesen

The Crisis Giveaway! Freija gets you through Wednesday afternoon, entertaining you from 3-5pm and playing you all the newest hits from the URN playlist.

The Comedy Club

Join the Comedy Club every Sunday for a barrel of light-hearted laughs and panel games. Our presenters come from a range of university comedy societies and the influence of improv is essential to the show's spontaneous slapstick humour.

Flora and Emma

Flora and Emma come to you live from the Portland building, with the best new music from the URN Playlist!

Ellie and Mel

Ellie and Mel are back, and ready to take you into the halfway point of the week with a jam-packed show!

Chetna and Laura

Live from Portland, Chetna and Laura offers up the biggest tracks from the URN playlist.

Flora Wordie

Flora Wordie provides the perfect wake up to all the early risers out there with brilliant student related content

Daysee and Darcy

Daysee and Darcy bring you the best in student entertainment, live from the Portland building!

Dec and Liv

Dec and Liv bring the biggest music from the URN playlist and the best in student entertainment.

Chetna Malhorta

Chetna Malhorta brings you the biggest new hits on the URN playlist as well as some hilarious student related content!

Charlie and Tom

Charlie and Tom provide the perfect soundtrack for your Sunday!

Eleri and Thomas

Eleri and Thomas entertain you through Sunday, bringing you the best new music from the URN playlist.

Eleri Clarke

Eleri takes you through Saturday with all the best tunes from the playlist live from the Portland Building!

Callum and Isobel

Callum and Isobel wake you up on Tuesdays with the very best student entertainment has to offer!

Emma and Zen

Emma and Zen get you ready for the weekend on Friday afternoon!

After Dark


A variation of URN DJ's bring you different music weekly.

The Rock and Roll Referendum

Tune in for two hours of rock classics, requests, and definitely-not-off-the-cuff chat!

Singer in the Spotlight

Hosted by Jess Corrigan

Small Hours

Two hours of smooth folk music brought to you by Dom and Ru.

Sommer Nights

Sommer Nights bringing you EDm every week no matter what the season. If you love EDM then tune in every Tuesday night, 11-1am, where Sommer will be bringing you some modern EDM bangerz to keep you up and raving. Expect a few 90s garage hits thrown into the show too, for those old skool music lovers.

URN 24/7

Non-stop hits on URN getting you through the night.

Under The Radar

AfterDarks's longest-running show. The very best of the up and coming from Nottingham and around that world.

Urban Wave

With Kaze and Rukia


The very best in alternative underground music from around the globe.

Year in Review

Jack Ellis and Ian Sheard go through years in music (as well as regular) history!


Hosted by Luke Hughes. The world's only radio programme to marry full playthroughs of Tibetan throat singing double LPs with particle physics lecture.

Soul Sugar

Anna and Jacob wake you up with two hours of soul!

The Classics Show

Join Fred LW each week to be moved by an assortment of some of the best classical and film music there is.

The Greatest Hits of...

Hosted by Ella Wydrznska and Rebecca Hyde

The Drum and Bangers Show

Tune in to The Drum and Bangers Show with Jacques, every Saturday at 11pm for the freshest DNB tunes and mixes!

The Drop

Vas brings the drop.

The Indie Show

Caroline Barry brings you the best in indie music

The Alt Show

Join Celeste Adams (and special guests) to hear a mix of the hottest alternative rock, Midwest emo, shoegaze and pop-punk tracks.

Sputnik Radio

Hosted by Aidan and Hardy.

The A.I.R Show

"The A.I.R. Show" aka "the alternative, indie and rock music show". If you like top quality music, if you like excellent chat, it's "worth a jolly good listen" - Gabrielle Morris 2015

The Official Pre Ocean Show

Win 4 free ocean tickets for you and your friends every single week! Declan Boardman take over your airwaves before a dip in Nottingham's favourite student club.

The Psych Show

Bringing you a huge array of psychedelic and slacker music featuring everything from early pioneers of the genre to brand new artists from present day. Including Tame Impala, Mac Demarco, King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard, Pink Floyd, Cream, Jimi Hendrix and much more.

The 80's Show

Wake up to the sound of the 80's!

The Psych Show

The psych show with Ross and Lewis!


Moonlit dance party...

Notts Sleeping

Regan plays a selection of alternative and experimental electronic music, whilst talking about literally anything with his guest for the show.

George's Global Groove

Get grooving on a Saturday Night as George Downham brings you a wide range of global funk and disco.

Headbangers' Hideaway

With John Gibson.

Celeste Adams

Chill out with Celeste Adams on a Friday night.

Grimetime Radio

Your home for the very best in Grime and UK Rap.

Golden Years

Hosted by Jesse Billingham

Classic Discoveries

'Tune in to URN's One and only classical music show to join Henry and Isabelle on a music journey that will ease you into the weekend'

Golden Hours

Ellie Watson brings you the smoothest 90s R&B.

Fusic with Katie Baxter

Katie Baxter brings you two hours of all female artists, focusing on a different genre every week. The best place for female created music.

Funk and Soul

Hosted by Rebecca Barton and Katie Shaw.

College Dropouts

Hardest tunes in the galaxy.

El ritmo

Join Courtney Waters every Tuesday from 11pm as she brings you the very best of Reggaetón, Latin American and Spanish artists!


No precise genre and no set direction - selections meandering from alternative folk to ambient electronica. Songs you'd take a detour for.


Members of Nottingham's hip hop society play the best in UK and US hip hop and rap music.

Indie Versus

Hosted by Izzy and Jack

Late Night Hip-Hop

And awesome amalgamation of the most inspiring hip hop tracks of the last 40 years, with a healthy side dish of insightful boisterous banter.

Pirate Material with Ben Fox

A space for all things electronic.

On Call

Jack Ellis smashing out Classic Rock

Nikki O.

Your weekly dose of underground dance music. Nikki O. provides the perfect mix of house and techno tracks to get you through Tuesday.

Amaka's Selections

The best selections of new age soul, progressive hip hop and timeless sounds.


After Dark Motherfunkers- Classic MoTown, Funk. Anything from Marvin Gaye to Nina Simone

Molotov Rocktail

The best picks from Rock in the middle of the week.


URN presents Meltdown in collaboration with BassSoc.

Love It Uplifting

Rich Armitage brings you the very latest and best in uplifting trance

Audiobahn with Tam O'Shanter

Tam brings you the freshest dance floor focused techno, synth and electro.

Bedroom Beats

With Achileas.

Blaze Sundaze

Louis, Arthur and Tristan get you through Sunday night.

Lights Out

Hosted by Farah Ayadi.


Behind The Beat

An hour long discussion of the week's music news.

The World Cup of Everything

World Cup Of Everything sees our panel debate everything from the best animated films to what's the best flavour of crisps, all done in a world cup style knock out tournament. Be sure to message into the show with your thoughts and opinions on the debates to help the panellists work out what should come out on top!

Weekly Wind Down

Join Jeremy and this week's guest for a less than serious take on this week's headlines and another round of "Lost in Translation"

The Film Show

A short time ago, in a university not that far far away. It is a period of civil war. Toxic fandom, striking from hidden keyboards, have won their victories against their favourite franchises. During the battle, Every Friday, from 6PM to 7PM a rag tag rebellion of students manage to present recent film NEWS, films NEW and CLASSIC and a DISCUSSION, in an armoured radio station with enough power to destroy an entire education. Pursued by university coursework deadlines and exams, the rebel students races home aboard their show, custodian of the thoughts and opinions, that can save the people and restore freedom to the galaxy..... The URN Film Show. Every Friday from 6PM TO 7PM GMT

The Culture Club

The Culture Club is the centre of Nottingham culture. From theatre, art, cuisine and comedy, this is the place to aurally explore your local culture.


Showtime is URN's award-nominated musical theatre show. Every Sunday, Ella takes listeners through the best and brightest from the world of musical theatre, focusing on recent news, Nottingham-based productions, and student-related content!

The Popular Table

The Popular Table is a weekly panel show which dissects the impact popular culture has on our daily lives. It covers a range of topics, from representation and feminism, to which Star Wars film really is the best!


What does it mean to be a woman in 2018? Feminottingham discusses feminism and gender roles, on and off of campus.


Olly and Dave

Olly and Dave entertain you through your morning. Join them for all the latest hits and some hilarious games!

Liv and Freija

Liv and Freija take you through to lunchtime. Entertaining you from 11-1pm and playing you all the newest hits from the URN playlist!

Liv and Ed

Coming live from the Portland Building, Liv and Ed bring you the best URN has to offer in brand new music and student related entertainment!


The Big Picture

The Big Picture is URN’s politics debate show, looking at the events of the past week in the news and stripping them back to their political core. No matter the subject; economic policy, international relations, civil rights or drug legalisation, the panel will bring ever varied and controversial opinions to argue each week.

The Pulse

The Pulse is URN’s daily discussion show. Every weekday we discuss and debate all of the latest student news stories, as well as covering breaking news from around campus; keeping you up to date with all of The News That Matters to You - The Students.


The Checklist

Our discussion show for incoming students. Get your texts and tweets in for all your last minute questions to be put to our expert panel.


The Thursday Sports Show

Join Will Perkins with 'The Thursday Sports Show', URN's award winning sports news show, bringing you all the latest Nottingham and campus based sport. Every week we round up all the BUCS results, alongside chatting to different Uni Sports Clubs. We also bring you all the latest from Forest and County, additionally discussing Notts Cricket and the GMB Panthers.

Sports Centre

Sports Centre is our weekly roundup of all the biggest news from across the sporting world apart from football! Whatever sport you have a passion for, this is the place to hear the best discussion about it on student radio.

View From The Stands

View From The Stands warms you up perfectly for the weekend of football with 1 hour of comprehensive football debate. Catch the hour long podcast that goes even deeper into the debates, released on Saturday evenings.


Join Matt Webb and the rest of the team, as they bring you the very best and very worst from the football world - from Sunday league howlers to comical disasters in the board rooms of clubs - Whistleblowers brings you a light-hearted take ahead of the weekend's football games

The Premier League Show

The Premier League Show is 2 hours of non stop football, with live commentary of the second halves from across the Premier League grounds. We then dedicate an hour to analysing the performances of players, managers and teams.


Off-air shows

No shows found.