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    • Varsity 2018: Trent Super Wednesday

      2nd May 2018

      Hello and welcome to URN Sport’s live coverage of all today’s second Super Wednesday of the 2018 Notts Varsity series that currently stands at 2-2. There are 8 sports on offer today at Clifton Campus and the University of Nottingham already lead 1-0 due to Saturday’s athletics action counting and Varsity Golf to be included […]

    • Varsity 2018: Thai Boxing

      30th April 2018

      We’re here at Studio Seven here on King’s Meadow Campus bring all the latest action from the first ever solo Varsity Thai Boxing. UoN will be hoping to even the scores after a 5-3 loss last year to NTU (as part of Super Wednesday). You can keep up with all the action right here on the […]

    • Varsity 2018: Ice Hockey

      27th April 2018

      ICE HOCKEY BUILD UP We’re about to go live from the Motorpoint Arena where after a convincing performance on Super Wednesday, UoN face a much tougher task against NTU. You can keep up with all the action here on the live blog as well as listen to our on-air coverage at and make sure […]