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    Latest Blog Posts

    • Elections Corner: The race for Communities

      17th March 2017

      This year we have seen 4 average candidates take the campaign race for communities’ officer. Last year we saw a very close race which went all the way to round four, where Abel Hartman beat Scott Jennings by 6 points. It was a close-run thing, but since then Abel continued on the good work done […]

    • Elections Corner: The race for Education

      17th March 2017

      Education – a university’s primary reason for existence. The race for education is contested between only two candidates, the only race of its kind barring the candidates for Disabled students. The orange of Cassie O’Boyle against the green of Declan Greaves. Although there is clear affability between the two, this can be seen in person […]

    • SU Elections 2017 *LIVE UPDATES*

      16th March 2017

      Tune in throughout the day as we bring you all the updates from the Student Leader Elections Results day, including live coverage of the night itself.