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    Latest Blog Posts


      6th April 2017

      In a recent statement, the Student’s Union has announced that Karnival’s RAG Raids have been cancelled. This is in response to the Charities Act and new fundraising legislation passed by the government. Concerns over the safety of not only the fundraisers, but the people the fundraisers were coming into contact with were raised after allegations […]

    • Varsity Rugby Union 2017 *LIVE UPDATES*

      26th March 2017

    • Varsity American Football 2017 *LIVE UPDATES*

      26th March 2017

      Hello and welcome to Varsity American Football 2017! As has been the case for the last few fixtures, a win with secure victory overall in the series, with the scores currently at UoN 11-7 NTU. UoN are unbeaten this year in the league, and NTU have had an average season in the division above. Both […]