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April Towers


April Towers

What is After Dark?

URN After Dark takes over at 7pm every night on URN, supplying you with fresh music, spanning all genres - from indie to drum & bass, electro to hip-hop and all that’s in between!

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  • Urban
  • DnB
  • Dance
  • Reggae
  • Disco
  • Asian
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Alternative
  • Experimental


  • The Funk Show The Funk Show Mondays 1am
  • Bass Weight Bass Weight Mondays 7pm
  • Old Skool Urban Old Skool Urban Mondays 9pm Go to our page
  • Luke & Adam Luke & Adam Mondays 11pm
  • Nikki & Maddie Nikki & Maddie Tuesdays 7pm
  • Henry Coates Henry Coates Tuesdays 9pm
  • The Indie Show The Indie Show Tuesdays 11pm
  • Twist & Shout Twist & Shout Wednesdays 1am
  • Foreign Voices Foreign Voices Wednesdays 7pm
  • Afrobeats Afrobeats Wednesdays 9pm
  • DesiJam DesiJam Wednesdays 11pm
  • Pete Reggae Pete Reggae Thursdays 1am
  • Under The Radar Under The Radar Thursdays 7pm
  • Deej & Fraz Deej & Fraz Thursdays 9pm Go to our page
  • Foreign Voices Foreign Voices Thursdays 11pm
  • It's A Ting It's A Ting Fridays 1am
  • The Official Pre-Ocean Show The Official Pre-Ocean Show Fridays 7pm
  • Late Night HiFi Late Night HiFi Fridays 9pm
  • The Pop Show The Pop Show Fridays 11pm
  • Rap 101 Rap 101 Saturdays 1am
  • The Rock Show The Rock Show Saturdays 7pm Go to our page
  • RockBottom RockBottom Saturdays 9pm
  • The Britpop Show The Britpop Show Saturdays 11pm
  • Metal Madness Metal Madness Sundays 1am
  • The Classics Show The Classics Show Sundays 7pm Go to our page
  • Scott Brazewell Scott Brazewell Sundays 9pm
  • Caroline Creasey Caroline Creasey Sundays 11pm