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    • The Pulse Breakdown: January

      14th February 2020

      31/01 Britain’s impending departure from the European Union on Brexit Day The UK officially left the EU at 23:00 GMT after 47 years of membership. This brought an end to more than three years of political argument following the 2016 referendum, in which 52% of UK voters backed leaving the EU. On the show, our […]

    • From Rags to Witches: The Grim Tale of Children’s Stories

      6th July 2018

      The Rags to Witches exhibition, located in Lakeside Arts on Nottingham’s University Park campus, explores the development of fairy tale stories over time, not shying away from their more brutal aspects. The collection displays some of the earliest surviving written versions of fairy tales, including accounts where Cinderella plans the brutal murder of her stepmother, […]

    • Varsity 2018: Trent Super Wednesday

      2nd May 2018

      Hello and welcome to URN Sport’s live coverage of all today’s second Super Wednesday of the 2018 Notts Varsity series that currently stands at 2-2. There are 8 sports on offer today at Clifton Campus and the University of Nottingham already lead 1-0 due to Saturday’s athletics action counting and Varsity Golf to be included […]